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Cutting-edge Products, Solutions, and Consultancy to Improve Productivity, Security, and Safety.

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Cemara Technologies launched its S-HILCON at the Connected Americas Expo. This device was designed to revolutionize and convert your traditional industrial processes into Industry 4.0 using Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and 5G.

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Fixing Electricity Lines

LV and MV Electric, Automation and Instrumentation Industrial Products and Solutions

World class equiment to produce with reliability and efficiency

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Power Transmission Lines, Substations

Tailored solutions and products to improve productivity, security and safety.

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Artificial Lifting Improvement

Exceed your production and expectations, based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Artificial Neural Networks proprietary algorithms and solutions.


  • S-HILCON™ Smart Artificial Lifting Software and hardware, CO2 conversion, Virtual Reservoir Management.

  • Business and Engineering consulting. 

  • LV and MV motors, Power Generators, Switchboards, Switchgear, and Motor Control Centers.

  • Instrumentation and control products, solutions, services, and projects.

  • Solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Artificial Neural Networks, Web Technology, and IIOT leading industrial processes to Industrial 4.0.

  • 5G Industrial Private Networks.

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Engineers at work

Advance Procurement

Your supplier for complex equipment

Software Development

Customized software for industrial and commercial use 

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Engineering and Consulting

Support for specific electric, automation, instrumentation and control projects

Future Engineering

Our Partners

Our partners are dedicated to providing top-quality products and services to meet and exceed your needs and expectations.

Electric Motors, Variable Speed Drives, LV & MV Products and Solutions


Large Electrification Projects, Substations

Power Generation

Internet of Things, Metaverse, AI Solutions

IT and Telecom Solutions

Smart solutions are at the core of everything we do at Cemara Technologies. Our main goal is to use cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Neural Networks to help build a better tomorrow for everyone, everywhere. Contact us to learn more about the technology behind us or to set up a meeting with one of our consultants.

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